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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 1, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>pam: a letter from a death row inmate offers possible cruise to the fate of mchale a garrett. >> we are always hopeful when there is a new lead. >>pam: she was 9 years old when she was snatched from a parking lot back in 1980. her picture has been on to the bay area for nearly a quarter of a century. a convicted killer is now pointing his finger at in a conflict area faugh
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>>pam: a terrifying time for one bay area man as a rescue crews are scrambling to get him out of the construction trench in the ground. grant lodes is here would details. >>grant: the accident happened at a construction site here in brentwood just east of antioch. the wall of a trench fell onto a man. it is our right all along- and you drive. that is where rescue crews are. a crowd of people have gathered to watch as crews from all over the bay area of are trying to get this man out. as far as we know, a man was in a trench and one of the
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walls collapsed on him. he is believed to be alive at this time which is why crews are trying urgently to get him out. at least one rescuer has made its way into the trench to try to free the man.
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>>reporter: in this letter a death row inmate who named his third crime partner, it closes like this to the sketch of karen's of ductor. the letter was sent to a journalist who has been in contact with times throughout the years covered this trial and conviction which include murdering four women. we spoke with smith by phone on wednesday afternoon. >>reporter: did he have anything to do but for the
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official said that man's? >>reporter: the suspect's was found dead after committing suicide. authorities say they declared to interview potted the very soon. >> we spoke with the california department corrections, as for an actual meeting, that has not been set yet. >>pam: officials said the claims of new information is nothing new when it comes to missing children and the fall of mchale and garrett is not buying these latest revelations. >> it has been more than 20 years since the caliph
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garrett has been affected. words that wesley sherman has been identified does not sit well with the girl's father. >> i do not believe it. in the back of your mind there's always shocked, but i did not think he did it. as far as i know, from what i understand, the police have better suspect's of him. >>reporter: her father says the investigators have received worthless information from criminals before and he believes the claims about knowing where the bonds are. it believes it is another wild goose chase. >> i think he is trying to make money out of this. he wants to get out of jail for a day, have a nice ride outside for. all that kind of stepped e.f. >>reporter: mchale was father says this type of fate is difficult for him,
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but after the discovery of jaycee lee dugard, he believes his daughter could be alive. >> you never know. some people give on jaycee lee dugard after the first couple of years, thinking she was dead. >>reporter: garrett says he will set aside this new information on less a body is discovered. >>pam: our team coverage continues with catherine heenan. she has been looking into a long history of this case. >>catherine: mchale like eric's mother and never got over the fact that she almost told her little girl that she could not go to the store, but eventually gave in. it was november 19, 1988, the nine year-old took off with her best friend, both of the road scooters. after they left the score, a
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trainer watched in horror when a man grabbed mchale from behind in through her screaming into his car. a wanted poster tells part of the story. mchale is fred was able to give police a enough of a description that they came up with this schedule. you the suspect was a white man with dirty blond shoulder length hair. mchale was mother has said if ever alerts existed at the time or better technology, the case might have been solved. through the years investigators have used age progression to suggest what she might look like including this picture showing where she might look like in her 20s. when jaycee lee dugard was founded 2009, she had new hope for her daughter. investigators found no evidence that mchale had been in the yard or, phillip gurrido. >> he was in some sort of
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halfway house in 1998, but i know he had freedom to come and go. >>catherine: police did questioned phillips and nancy riva, but it did not rule out a connection. >>pam: new video release this evening shows occupy protesters breaking into oakland city hall on saturday. the videos released by police who are hoping to identify and arrest people who caused damage and burned american flag. kate thompson takes us through the footage. kate >> this is the front entrance of oakland city hall. keep an eye on the doors that were locked before protesters tried them open around 6:00 p.m. on saturday. nearly 100 people were believed to have entered city hall calls and all sorts of damage including breaking windows and
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knocking over a 100 year old model of city hall. hear, of people are taking lift off of garbage cans into throwing trash. processors still an american flag outside city hall chambers and lit it on fire. kolis are hoping to identify some of the people in the video and charged with breaking and entering into a damaging city property. >>pam: earlier today, members of occupy oakland denounced police for what they're calling a heavy- handed tactic that led to awarded 300 arrests. investigators say police incited violence. in the meantime a handful of stay with orders have been issued to specific protesters. protesters say that violates free speech.
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people's ability to congregate and organized and be a part of a movement. if they cannot congregate near downtown, that is a violation of a person's constitutional rights. occupy protesters say they plan to challenge this day with orders and are also planning another demonstration on monday. >>terisa: time is precious for this father of oakland, more on his story coming up.
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>>grant: a fairy has sunk off the coast of papua new guinea carrying three to 50 people. the ferry has been found. the boat did send a distress signal but not more information is known. the 350 people on board have not been confirmed dead. they're calling this a tragedy. that is the latest in we will keep you posted as we learn more. >>jaqueline: conditions are pretty mild with clouds streaming overheads. we will see coldest temperatures overnight. details coming up.
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>>grant: facebook made it official, filing papers for an initial stock ipo. as early as this summer the bay area could be welcoming of local billionaires'. if you use facebook, it's the ideal may be a mixed blessing. tough the hard truth is in this cartoon, if you are one of the 800 million facebook users, you are not a customer, you are a product. facebook in, comes from this page, advertisers. they are the reason why investors are jumping at the bit to get a piece of the company.
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going public will give regulators in washington more of a say in protecting the privacy. here are some of the other things expected half its. mark zuckerburg of will become the newest member of the world's 25 richest people with a net worth of $20 billion. as many as 1000 of his employees will become millionaires. most of them will have to wait six months or more to sell their shares. by that time facebook stopped will have dropped. >> the worth of facebook is 80 billion-$100 billion range. these are numbers the just did not see. this is uncharted territory. >>grant: some analysts say that the south is overprices if that facebook may not be able to keep the money running in. facebook past yahoo into global as far as money coming in years ago but the total has reached a plateau.
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it normally takes a few months to for fear for a current stock offer. estimates indicate that the ipo could generate as much as 100 billion. facebook has not said what they intend to do with that money. some of the rumors talk about bringing in a facebook phone or even of purchasing t mobil. >> ever since facebook moved to the peninsula, there are only 23 homes for sale in the entire city. this home and patricia is going for 4 million. thank >>pam: this next story is about a man on the top of the waiting list for a kidney transplant and his wife who is a match.
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his wrote the surgery came to a stop when they found out he is an illegal immigrant. >> this machine keister cases alive. it is his home dialysis treatment. fleet needs a kidney transplant and his family was devastated when the opportunity for surgery was taken away. he says his world collapsed when he found out he could not get the transplant surgery because he is an illegal immigrant. he was recently let go from his job because of its immigration status. he only has insurance into the end of the month. ucsf will not do this are free because he can't get the follow-up care in the knees and he does not qualify for medicare.
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>>pam: several organizations have come forward to offer support. >> this story is just one of many. we want to support and change policies that are creating even his potential debt. >>pam: we ask is navarro does get the financial support he needs its
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officials would consider doing the surgery into the medical center issued this statement. >>jaqueline: we saw in little but of rain this morning and afternoon, some breaks. there is some cloud cover right now but into tomorrow morning it will be clear with areas of fog. into the afternoon, clear skies and warmer temperatures.
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>> in the sierra, hydrologists did a seasonal monthly snow survey in what they describe as the second lowest measurement in more and 40 years. they found 14.5 in. of snow. last year the same location had 28 in.. today's survey found 19 percent of the average snowfall for the end of february. >> in pacifica, the work to complete the double slight tunnel is entering its final phase. workers are laying down the last layer of concrete for the roadway. caltrans is estimating they have 10 months of the city should work including installing miles of electrical wire. they are estimating that the tunnel will be open for traffic sometime in late 2012. >>gary: coming up in the broadcast, do you have a favorite high school?
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it is recruiting date. we will tell you about it later is fraud cast.
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>>pam: pg&e never check for gas leaks and large areas of this state. the utility originally admitted it did not conduct week surveys after losing 16 pipeline maps. today, pg&e edmonds the company lost the original 16 members but also lost an additional 46 pipeline maps of an area stretching from fresno to menlo county. that means the company did not check larger areas for pipeline leaks. all of this is a violation of state regulations. after the original submission there were fined 16.8 million.
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>>charles: st. ignatius was stricken with the fast- moving case of gastroenteritis. details coming up.
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>>grant: this just in, we have an update to this story we first told you about at the top of the hour, a man stuck in a trench in of redwood after the trench collapsed. we're looking at a live picture, even see crews
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surrounding the trench. apparently the homeowner was inside of a 12 ft. ditch. one of the walls collapsed and he was buried up to his neck. we're hearing that he is being removed from the trench as we speak. but there is an ambulance in the right hand portion of your screen, it appears they are now taking batman, the homeowner who was stuck in the ditch, their voting him into the ambulance. lugar told that about 6:45 p.m., the crews were able to get him down to his waist, we are seeing him now being loaded into an ambulance. this again is happening in brentwood. this follows the tragic incident less than a week ago when a construction
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worker in the south bay was buried alive. we have heard they he was responsive and alerts after the wall collapsed on him inside of a trench. kate thompson is headed to the scene and will have a live report coming up tonight
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>>pam: school was canceled for the rest of the week at one san francisco high school after hundreds of students and did nearly 30 faculty members became sick at st. ignatius college park. charge clifford is live tonight with the latest. >>charles: right now you're looking at a live picture from just outside city gaseous high-school in the sunset district. the principal said today that as of wednesday, three of the 25 students from the student were suffering from gastroenteritis possibly caused by a narrow virus. >> according to the staff, students were becoming ill at an alarming rate, many
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were vomiting and complaining of aches and pains. >> they were leaving school in feeling terrible. you could hear kids talking about it in the hallway. >> this virus is very infectious. it only takes a few particles to get infected. it can last in the environment for a long period of time. >> class is for counsel for the rest of the weekend of the crews were brought in to clean the campus. >> we want to assure that we have god in every area twice. it goes on everything. we're cleaning everything the students could come into contact with. desks, doors, floors, all of
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those areas will be thoroughly cleaned. >> the principal says glasses will resume on monday but if students are still feeling ill, they should hold off on coming back. >> st. ignatius had 3 sporting events planned for the week but those have been postponed. >>grant: we're tracking neighborhood crime. in the east bay, it is a relatively small area. when there have been a string of residential robberies and crux seem to be targeting this neighborhood just off of terrible strife. a red dots represent homes that have been broken into within the past two weeks. two of them happened overnight. there is no real pattern that police can established. the best advice is to lock doors and windows and to keep your home well lit. >>pam: after three months on
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duty, the interim tag has been removed. today there was applause at oakland city hall as howard jordan was appointed chief of police. in october he was elected to fill in for the chief anthony betz who abruptly designed-just resigned from the position. >> the cop who has held every rank in the oakland police department over its 24 year history in uniform is now the official chief of police. >> i actually shed a tear of joy because it has been a very long road. >> as the city's new top cop, he admits the road ahead looks a little bumpy following this press conference announcing his new position, he talked about his top priorities and topping the list is dealing with violent protesters.
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>> reducing crime and is staying within budget and working with the community. >> during a previous stint as acting chief, he was in command of over 800 sworn officers. now it is down to 640. >> we're getting a lot of help from the federal government. thrifts in
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>> the budget cuts are wide reaching. in concord, future capital improvements and concord will be cut. in contra costa county their big question marks around 35 a. of land that was bought for creature-ask for major redevelopment. it could be lost. there are also big question marks around 14 a. that are in the process of being developed.
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>>stanley: since monday have been showing new issues at homeless encampments. in the next edition of people behaving badly we will look at the environmental impacts. >>jaqueline: overnight temperatures will be chilly. 30's and 40's.
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>>kimberlee: the burning man of that has sold out. to evenly distribute tickets, organizers have implemented a new three tiered lottery ticketing system. 3000 tickets were sold to the limit of 4 per person.
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if you miss out on ticket sales, there is still no reason to panic. >> there is always a healthy aftermarket for tickets. >>pam: coming up, gary has the latest from the super bowl including team practices from the patriots and the giants. the stanford cardinal football team with one of its best recruiting class is ever. gary has that story and
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sports next.
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>>stanley: you are looking at trash that has been dumped inside the waterway of the san francisco bay.
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this theory is so hostile and dirty that even rats do not live here. the water is so polluted, the smell permeates the clothing. the residents were using the water of the public restroom and tossing anything on wanted into the water, like these shopping carts and insulation from stolen copper wires. i had to wear rubber gloves and cloth gloves just to walk around the encampment. third i tagged along with the state safety patrol, a unit of the california highway patrol. they have the job of keeping watch on all state property. they took me on a tour of four different encampments located under were inside the highways. one thing every encampment had in common were syringes. tapped for uncapped! one encampment, we have to hike up this hill.
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>>gary: . a soccer match in egypt turned deadly after fans rushed the field immediately following a match between rival teams.
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>>gary: we're getting closer to sunday. both teams are isolated.
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>> this is why we are worked so hard over the years in a school and college.
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some months
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>>gary: let your livelihood depends on a 17 year-old or 18 year-old, even in 190420 world being in a good mood,, can you imagine?
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>>gary: sugar ray leonard passed away in tampa, fla. at the age of 90. he is a member of the box and hall of fame.
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>>pam: have a good night, we will seek a 11th him.
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